Healthy & Organic Corporate Meals by EarthOrigins Cafe


  • EarthOrigins Cafe now offers a variety of corporate and birthday package meals with options for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.
  • We labeled each meals with ingredients and allergen warnings and ensure that you are well informed of the food that you will be eating.
  • We only use the premium ingredients that is organic and free from any toxic or harmful chemicals
  • We package each meals with home brewed teas and lemonades plus a dessert
  • Our menu options is affordable and very tasty
  • Your employees and party guests deserves to eat healthy and delicious organic foods!

Contact us should you have other questions and concerns.

Be Happy. Live Healthy. Choose Organic!


Kiddie Meals With Options for Gluten Free, Vega and Vegetarian

Healthy Package Meals for Kiddie Party and Corporate Gatherings

Birthday Party Packed Meals – Healthy and Organic!

Corporate Healthy Package Meals by EarthOrigins Cafe

Healthy & Organic Package Meals by EarthOrigins for Corporate and Birthday Gatherings

Corporate Package Healthy Meals Good for 500 pax!

Organic Chicken Kebab + Paella Rice + Lemon Square for Dessert.

Organic Fish Kebab + Organic Side Salads for Corporate Package Meals

500 Healthy Package Meals for Corporate Event

All Packaged Meals is labelled with ingredients and allergen warnings

Organic & Healthy Meals Packages by EarthOrigins Cafe

Black Bun Grass Fed Beef Burger by EarthOrigins Cafe

Healthy Corporate Package Meals

Healthy Black Bun (Activated Charcoal) Grass Fed Beef Burger

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