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Here’s the dirt on artificial sweeteners. Whether we’re talking about forms of aspartame or saccharin, they are all chemicals, they are all toxic to the body, and they are all unhealthy.

Aspartame is made up of three chemicals that when ingested and heated up in the body become toxic substances that have been linked to some cancers and the production of neurotoxins.

Saccharin, which has been around for more than 100 years, is 300 times sweeter than sugar with a noticeable aftertaste.

Metabolically, excessive amounts of a substance called phenyalanine, found in artificially flavored foods and drinks, can also greatly affect mood by causing a decrease in the levels of the mood regulator serotonin. As a result, carbohydrate cravings go up and the thought of a successful diet goes out the window. Artificial sweeteners, therefore, can sometimes contribute to compulsive eating instead of controlling overeating. In fact, in one study at the University of Texas, the risk of obesity increased 41 percent for every can of diet soda consumed.

Banish artificial sweeteners from your diet if you possibly can. Switch to xylitol, and FDA-approved natural sweetener, which is also known as birch sugar and classified as sugar alcohol. It does not carry any undesirable side effects, does not alter blood sugar balance and does not sabotage your mood and energy levels. Other natural sweeteners are stevia, a south American herb, and Lo Han.

There really is no reason to resort to unhealthy, risky artificial sweeteners when there are other natural, better options available. Once you make the switch, you’ll have a hard time tolerating the aftertaste of the artificial, toxic substances.


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